Tuesday, April 15, 2008

'Quality of life' marketing

Is it just me or is there a whole slew of ads out at the moment intended to make you believe that, not just will the product make you thin/beautiful/happy/sexy, but that it will make you a more alive person.

Seriously. Johnston Mooney and O'Brien, sponsoring Today FM weather (I think). "Love bread, love life."

The Twelve Hotel, Barna, Co Galway. "Celebrate Food, Celebrate Wine and Celebrate Life."

Some wine crowd (can't remember who). "We love wine, we love life."

What is this about? Has someone just caught on to the fact that people, sorry, consumers, are actually living beings? And is this an attempt to bring 'quality of life' in as a marketing ploy? Because if so, it's really not working.

I mean, any idiot understands that eating healthily, playing sports, going on holidays, etc, improves your quality of life. (Thanks to successful advertising campaigns for same, I am now beginning to suspect.) But bread? And wine?

As a carb addict, I do love bread. But I wouldn't say loving bread makes me love my life any more intensely than I would otherwise. In fact, the bloating probably makes me love life slightly less. I love wine too, and the same applies.

Marketers, and advertising execs, stop jumping on every bandwagon passing, and think of something original. Please. Or I might just stop loving life altogether.


  1. Maybe advertisers really hate emo kids?

  2. Do you know what I hate even more......fake food advertising. You know the stuff, cereals that have vitamins added in, milk with vitamins added in, little drinks to keep your immune system afloat, little drinks to kick start your five a day routine. They are trying to guilt you into buying extortionately expensive "food supplements" when the reality of the situation is that it's much cheaper to buy the actual food. Er, sorry that turned into quite a rant.

  3. Completely right Maz. Did you see the news report on that study that found supplements are bad for you? Hilarious... they had this woman on from the holistic therapists' associastion (or some such), and she was completely panicking at the thought of all that lovely free money disappearing in a return to reason!

    Some day, people will return to eating fruit and vegetables and stop eating food that comes from a lab. Someday...

  4. No I didn't see that, just as well it would have made me angry ;-)

    Good to see you've been getting links from Damien and the LK blogger. That should get the stat counter moving in the right direction.

  5. Should have mentioned it but I got In Defense of food off Amazon, saw him on Newsnight and made loads of sense.