Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cannon elected as PD leader

Wow... I know they said it would be close, but 51% to 49%... that's crazy. Why would that many people vote for Fiona O'Malley unless they were deliberately sabotaging the party?

As I've said before, Cannon appears to be highly competent and organised, as well as having good compassion credentials (former CEO of the Irish Pilgrimage Trust, bringing sick kiddies to Lourdes), which I think we'll all agree is something the PDs could do with, being accused of leaving old ladies to die on trollies and the like.

If you were to believe everything you see in the Star, Mary Harney would have been one of those kids who tied tin cans to puppies' tails and then set them on fire. Something tells me she wasn't. But I digress.

Is Cannon going to be able to make a difference? Despite a nice, catchy, alliterative name that will be kind to headline writers everywhere, can he keep the whole show on the road?

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