Monday, April 28, 2008

The Lisbon Treaty

In my line of work I come across a lot of press releases.

But I have never in all my days come across so many bloody pointless tit-for-tat press releases on anything as for this bloody Treaty. Do I come across angry? Because if not, you're reading me wrong.

I have had at least ten press releases this morning alone from Libertas. For GOD'S SAKE! You're not helping yourselves, people.

Problems with Libertas:
1) John McGuirk
2) John McGuirk
3) John McGuirk
4) Pointless, personalised attacks in press releases.
5) Over-press releasing. Keep bombarding us with them and we won't use any. Guaranteed.
6) Where is the money coming from?
7) Why does Ganley care so much?
8) General shadiness.
9) John McGuirk
10) John McGuirk.

As noted on, anyone who knows anything about politics in Ireland knows McGuirk is an arrogant p**** with no agenda but his own self-promotion. Libertas has provided him with the ideal vehicle for this. He has jumped from FF to FG when things didn't suit (with very nasty tactics, threatening to anonymously leak information from the FF national youth committee, among other things), and no doubt he would jump straight into a 'yes' vote if Declan Ganley stopped letting him shout the odds on every primetime political programme in this country.

While I'm by no means a confirmed yes voter, Libertas' petty tactics are far more likely to push me in the 'yes' direction than the oiliness of Roche and Cullen.

That's another thing - if the government is so determined to get a 'yes' vote, then why are they sending out Roche and Cullen to defend it? Madness!


  1. Great Article here on the background to Libertas...the group sounds like more of a conspiracy than Lisbon could ever dream to be! Included how Ganley floated Libertas a year ago in a written Article in the U.S. to move Ireland away from the EU. (a good referenced article - not usual indymedia standard)

  2. Wow. Thanks for that David. As you imply, I would usually not trust much I read on Indymedia (no more than its more established namesake, Independent Media) but that's hard to argue with, and it does tally with a lot of my thinking.